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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Me and Rosalee

     Many of you remember our dear old companion Rudy, our wonderful old lab who was the main character of a couple of poo flinging blogs.  We had to say good night to our lovely friend last summer after he lived to a ripe old age of 13.  Having experienced the heart wrenching pain of losing animals to age and illness, I vowed, Never Again !   As children do, they move on rather quickly, and just as fast decided another dog would be a fantastic idea.  My resilience not to mention my common sense was strong.  I would not allow myself to be pulled in...after all, we already had a menagerie of pets.  Among our furry residents are, 2 cats, 2 hamsters, 2 fish, 1 rabbit and 1 corn snake.  Just as every superhero has some type of weakness that brings him to his knees, so do parents.  My weakness happens to be my childrens sweet little faces and persuasive words.  Words like.....we'll clean up after it,  we'll walk it, oh, and let's not forget the classic..."You won't have to do anything!"

     I relented, we would begin to search.  I had specifications though...No more big dogs and this dog must be able to be litter box trained.  One month of searching led us to our Rosie, the 2lb. black puggle.  I thought' " how hard could this be?  she's the size of a large rat.."  I was determined, this would be a success. She fit right in the litter box and to my amazement she actually peed in it.  I was so proud and impressed with my own brilliance.  This was gonna work!  Time went on as time does and our little angel decided the litter box was not an exciting option.  Maybe perhaps my light green carpeting reminded her of a spring day.  Without warning the floodgates were released, puddles began to appear out of no where, as if my livingroom floor were springing leaks.

    I was convinced she was conspiring against me.  I would subtly walk up to her in an attempt to apprehend this pee pants pup.  She would run as if to taunt the big lady in pursuit of her.  Where were all these sweet faced children who promised to care for this crazy beast?  Oh yeah, there they were giggling as we attempted to wrangle to rogue canine.  I have had to train myself to outsmart her almost like a FBI agent on a top secret mission.  We are in the process of converting her to our thinking, I think we might be gaining an upper hand.  I"ll keep you updated, but, until then I must go, I think I hear my pee timer going off........